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I am an Artist Career Consultant with the non-profit Springboard for the Arts' Artist Career Consultation Program. I help artists and creatives who are at all levels of experience (early career, emerging, mid-career, established) across all disciplines (dance, theater, film, literary, visual, etc). I have three specific areas of experience/specialty: 

Artistic/Creative Project Ideation

Artists usually come to me to help them fine-tune a creative/artistic project idea. I help provide clarity on a project's multiple factors, such as its purpose, intended impact, need, collaborators, challenges, timeline, budget, etc. 

Grant Proposal Writing

I help artists navigate the world of grants, fellowships, residencies, and other creative/artistic opportunities. Whether you have never applied for a grant before or have some experience with grant proposal writing, I can help. I have secured 30+ grants, fellowships, and residencies in a span of five years to support myself and my creative/artistic projects AND I have 10+ years as a panelist who reviewed grant proposals. 

Artistic + Professional Planning

I help artists plan for their future so that they may sustain themselves and their practice. This could mean identifying an artist's professional and artistic goals and vision and designing a roadmap together to achieve those goals and vision. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming and you think, "How can I reach my goal of publishing 20 poems this year," or you may think, "What revenue streams do I need to consider if I want to make a decent living from my art?" Together we will create actionable steps for you to reach your goals.  



Consultations with me through Springboard for the Arts' ACC Program costs $0-$75 (sliding scale fee). You may request 1 complimentary consultation per calendar year. To request an hour-long consultation with me, please visit the ACC online form.



"I want to thank Zaraawar and the Artist Career Consultation Staff at Springboard for connecting me with Saymoukda Vongsay. Her impeccable insight, knowledge, experience, humor, and graciousness helped me as an artist find my critical voice in all my future grant proposals. I truly can't say enough about her openness and professionalism!"

Howard Mitchell aka GATO

filmmaker, director, writer, special FX, media content creator



"I have requested Saymoukda 4 times. She always comes to the table prepared, well resourced and intuitively astute that goes beyond other artistic and business consultations. I have found her very helpful for gaining clarity to articulate my vision for myself as an emerging artist at 70. I have gained language to communicate my needs for developing my skill set. Saymoukda, professional yet nurturing, has inspired me to dig deep and pry my own voice and narratives from the yoke of oppression and trauma. She is a fierce and astute artist who possesses a truth-telling tongue and print-rich ancestral wisdom that fosters the best in herself and others."

Amoke Kubat

playwright, poet, and Founder of Yo Mama's House


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